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Meeting minutes from last DSI Meeting:

Call to Order – Bryan Laskin called meeting to order at 7:00am CT

Roll Call – 

Dr. Bryan Laskin- Present

Dr. Cindy Perone- Present

Debora Carrier- Present

Aleh Matus – Present

David Pryor – Present

Others in attendance:

Megan Hennen

Jennifer Fernjack

51% or Quorum of DSIDC has been met, meeting to proceed. 


Bryan motioned to approve meeting minutes from previous meeting on 8/13/2020

Dave seconded

Motion passed unanimously

Unfinished business – none from previous meeting

Committee Reports

  • Public comments should be placed in the chat below and will be addressed at the end of the meeting.  Also, it is preferable to have comments emailed to  All comments must specify the standard draft in question and will be posted under that standard draft tab on

New Business

  • Standard Drafts Update:
    • Public review of BSR-8 for MST1.1-202X and VRST1.1-202X ended on 9/7/2020. No public comments received, so no changes made to original drafts. Consensus body ballots and original drafts sent to new consensus body members. Voting period of 2 weeks.
    • CNST1.1-202X draft pulled from submission due to letter from ADA regarding copyright of abbreviation list. All those that received the original copy of the draft were notified immediately of withdrawal.
    • New PINS submission for DCNST1.1-202X. Verification and Displaying of Dental Patient Chart Notes (DCN)
    • Public review of BSR-8 for RCST1.1-202X and GSST1.1-202X ends on 9/21/2020.
    • ERST1.1-202X and TDST1.1-202X drafts still under development-not ready for BSR submission for public review
  • Updating cadence of future DSIDC meetings from monthly to every other month 
    • Bryan moved to change meeting cadence to every other month
    • Dave and Dr. Perone seconded motion
    • Bryan opened for discussion, but no one had anything to discuss regarding meeting cadence
    • Voting approved unanimously
  • Next meeting date is Thursday, 11/12/2020

Bryan Laskin motioned for meeting adjournment 

Dave Pryor seconded

Motion passed unanimously

Meeting Adjourned 7:12am CT

Minutes taken and reported by Megan Hennen

Previous Meeting Minutes

(for prior meeting minutes email