Join us in our mission to elevate care through technology Standardization and patient advocacy!

Who can become a DSI member?

DSI membership is open to any individual or organization with an interest in healthcare technology and patient advocacy. Criteria for membership shall include: willingness to serve, interest and knowledge of the ANSI SDO process, and appropriate technical and professional expertise or knowledge. The CEO, DSI Board of Directors, or the DSIDC may recommend the addition of technical experts, consultants, or others who may be hired or contracted with to assist the DSIDC in the completion of their work. While technical experts may be recommended to DSIDC membership, no unreasonable restriction will be placed as a condition of voting membership on the consensus body.  The appointment process will take into consideration the need for continuity of experience. New committee members will be trained and provided information on the SDO process.

Today, our membership is comprised of testing companies who produce Standards, dental professionals, organizations who hire and train dental professionals, patients and the general public, as well as dental educators.

Benefits of DSI membership

DSI membership include: participation in DSI Standards as well as the following benefits:

  • Participation in DSI Standards
  • Opportunities to positively influence healthcare
  • Access to DSI intellectual property, as well as participation in work groups
  • Insight into the work being done by your colleagues in the community

Cost of DSI membership *

Updated 08/01/20

Individual Consensus Body Participation – $500.00 / year

Requires annual re submission.

Per Consensus Body, there is a non-transferable annual fee for an Individual with an interest in participating in DSI Standard Development. Individuals that are employed by a non-member organization that is eligible in another category will be considered a representative of their employing organization. Voting rights will be established based on guidelines within the DSI Standards Protocol. Interest categories include: employer, consumer, user, general interest and producer, as appropriate. Reach out to for further clarification or definition of interest category.

DSI Membership Fees – $5000 / year

Requires annual re submission.

This includes 30 hours of Reviewer time to complete a Review. Additional time required to complete a Review is billed at a rate of $250 per hour. Additional fees may apply for services such as Accreditation.

*Fee waiver for participation will be considered if able to prove reason for financial hardship

To apply for DSI membership, contact us at