Why We Exist

Dental Standards Institute, Inc. (D)SI is an organization whose purpose is to provide an organization through which those in dentistry act and counsel together on matters of common interest and concern affecting the public health, safety and welfare, including improving the transfer and storage of the Electronic Dental Record (EDR) containing electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI), as well as creating the opportunity for accelerating the development of technologies through shared platforms.

In support of DSI’s mission, the purpose of creating a Standards Development Organization is to promote increased recognition and voluntary adoption of DSI’s Standards of excellence in the regulation of dental practice through dental offices’ collaboration throughout the United States and territories.

In cooperation with and support of its members, DSI continues to promote uniform high Standards in the regulation of dental practice communication through setting and maintaining electronic security requirements which are recognized throughout the United States and its territories. In addition, the Standards provided by DSI and implemented through its members, increase public protection and provide consumer confidence in the quality of dental practice, the communication process, and Standards for competency in the dental profession. DSI recognizes the important need to publish voluntary consensus Standards in the field of interoperability of ePHI.

Working with the broader partnership of regulatory boards, professional associations, and educational organizations, DSI is seeking to promote the voluntary adoption of electronic communication Standards to demonstrate harmonization in the Standards development process.

It is the intention of DSI to propose Standards in the regulation of dental practice and interoperability requirements which:

a. Document accepted security protocols;

b. Establish fundamental definitions and terms; and

c. Specify quality characteristics for performance

These Standards will be representative of the perspectives of multiple Stakeholders—consumers, users, employers, government agencies, the regulatory community and healthcare providers. The Standards proposed by DSI will not favor, nor will they disadvantage, any participating Stakeholder.

The Standards proposed by DSI will be developed in such a way as to be easily adopted by the regulatory community for which DSI provides services and support. The Standards will represent the highest level of professional competency defined by the assessment development procedures of DSI which is recognized as the leader in interoperability competency and assessment.

The DSI proposed Standards will include the principles, design, development, implementation, model rules, policy statements, competence assessment, and continued maintenance requirements of interoperability regulation. The scope is further defined by DSI policies and procedures which govern the development and implementation of assessments and competency guidelines. The scope of Standards proposed by DSI will encompass the body of knowledge and direction of electronic record transference which is considered to be the highest Standard of entry-level practice as demonstrated by its adoption by the DSI Delegate Assembly.