Next Meeting: 8/5/21 7:00am CT – Review old DSIDC business, new DSIDC business, including update on each DSI Standard in development.  Public comments welcome.  To attend the meetings via Zoom please email:

and include the “DSI Meeting” with the date and time in the subject line. In the email body, include rationale for attending meeting. Invites will be sent within 24 hours of meeting.

Meeting minutes from last DSIDC Meeting:

Call to Order – Bryan Laskin called the meeting to order at 7:05am CST on 7/8/21.

Roll Call – 

Dr. Bryan Laskin- Present

Dr. Cindy Perone-  Absent

Debora Carrier- Present

Aleh Matus – Absent

David Pryor – Absent

Others in attendance:

Megan Hennen

Quorum was not met, meeting did not proceed

Next meeting to be moved up one month – August 5, 2021 7:00 am CT 

Previous Meeting Minutes

(for prior meeting minutes email