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Meeting minutes from last DSIDC Meeting:

Call to Order – Bryan Laskin called meeting to order on 10/7/21 at 7:04 am CST

Roll Call –
Dr. Bryan Laskin- present
Debora Carrier- present
Aleh Matus – present
David Pryor – present

Others in attendance:
Megan Hennen
Murali Chakravarthi
Jennifer Fernjack
Shawn Hall

Conflict of Interest Statement:
“If there’s anyone that has joined us that feels that they have a potential conflict of interest, please speak up at this time as our work on Standards is done through consensus, ensuring betterment of the profession and the patients we serve.”

Announcements –
Public comments should be placed in the chat below and will be addressed at the end of the meeting during new business. Also, it is preferable to have comments emailed to All comments must specify the standard draft in question and will be posted under that standard draft tab on

Minutes –
Bryan motioned to approve minutes from previous meeting on 8/5/2021
Dave seconded motion to approve
No opposition, motioned passed

Unfinished business –
New DSIDC member attendance policy discussed at the last meeting was brought to the Board. New attendance policy for DSIDC members is as follows:
-2 unexcused absences in calendar year
-4 excused & unexcused absences in a calendar year
New Business
Standard Drafts Update:
-BSR/RCST1.1:202x Systemization of Notifications Regarding Dental Patient Recall (DPR) completed 45-day BSR 8 public review on 9/21/2020. Holding off on consensus body vote at this time to work on the technical section of the draft.

-ERST1.1:202X The Dental Practice Medical Emergency Kit Design, Contents and location, and TDST1.1-202X The Usage of Teledentistry For Remote Prediagnostic Dental Care, drafts still under development-not ready for BSR submission for public review.

-Meetings going forward will be a Zoom meeting invite rather than the Zoom webinar. This allows for interested parties outside of the DSIDC to be able to actively participate in meetings.

-Dr. Cindy Perone has voluntarily stepped down from DSIDC due to her busy schedule leading to conflict with the DSIDC meetings at this time her seat will not be being replaced.

-ANSI/DSI DCNST1.1:2021 Verification and Displaying of Dental Patient Chart Notes (DCN)
-Bryan motioned to create a workgroup to discuss new additions to this Standard.
-Dave seconded motion and floor was open to discussion. No comments made directly about creating a workgroup for this standard.
-Bryan moved to vote on the creation of a new workgroup that will discuss additions and improvements to ANSI/DSI DCNST.
-No objection – vote pass unanimously

-DSI ODINST1.1:2021-Oral Dataset Interoperability Network (ODIN) – The Specification, Storage, Transmission, Retrieval and Processing of Vital Datasets In Oral Health Care – PINS submitted and published 7/7/21 – 30 day public review ended 8/8/21.
-After review with the ADA SCDI, it seems that there is quite a bit of overlap between this PINS and ADA 1084. Bryan reached out and spoke to Dr. Greg Zeller (Chair of the ADA SCDI) and while there is overlap, there are also some areas of implementation that DSI is likely going to want to address. Bryan is attending the ADA SCDI meetings all this week, so he will continue to get information, as will others at this meeting. As chair of this committee, Bryan believes it would be a good idea to hold off on making any changes, but we will likely be either revoking or modifying this PINS and Standard Draft in the new future, in the interest of collaboration and eliminating any potential foreseen duplication of Standards.
-Bryan motioned that we create a workgroup to discuss ODIN and how to proceed with this PINS submission, as well as explore if there are gaps that we would like to address in the current interoperability standard development that other organizations are working on.
-Motion was seconded by Dave and the floor was open to discussion. No comments or objections were made
-Bryan moved to vote on creation of workgroup to discuss ODIN
-No objection – vote pass unanimously

-Next DSIDC meeting is scheduled for December 2, 2021. (1st Thursday of every other month)

-Shawn Hall participated in a discussion about the need for technical standards in the dental industry. Recommended possible standard creation around laser for use of killing bacteria in perio pocket. Shawn and Bryan connect offline to discuss further.

-No further new business was brought up for discussion.

Adjournment –
Bryan motioned to adjourn the meeting
Dave seconded the motion to adjourn
No opposition, motioned passed

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 am CST
Meeting minutes taken by Megan Hennen

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