DSIDC meetings are typically held every 2 months via Zoom on the second Thursday unless otherwise noted below.

Next Meeting set for Thursday, 2/16/2023 at 8:00am CST (PLEASE NOTE this has been recently rescheduled from 2/9).

Public comments welcome.  To attend the meetings via Zoom please email and include the “DSI Meeting” with the date and time in the subject line. In the email body, include rationale for attending meeting. Invites will be sent within 24 hours of meeting.

Meeting minutes from last DSIDC Meeting:

Call to Order – Bryan Laskin called the meeting to order on 12/8/22 at 8:02 am CST

Roll Call

  • Dr. Bryan Laskin- present
  • Debora Carrier- present
  • Aleh Matus – absent
  • David Pryor – present
    • Others in attendance:
    • Megan Hennen
    • Eric Kirnbauer
    • Jennifer Fernjack
    • Joel Knutson
    • Reena Gajjar

Conflict of Interest Statement: read by Bryan Laskin

“If there’s anyone that has joined us that feels that they have a potential conflict of interest, please speak up at this time as our work on Standards is done through consensus, ensuring betterment of the profession and the patients we serve.”


  • Public comments should be placed in the chat below and will be addressed at the end of the meeting during new business.  Also, it is preferable to have comments emailed to  All comments must specify the standard draft in question and will be posted under that standard draft tab on


  • Bryan motioned to approve minutes from previous meeting on 10/20/2022
  • Dave seconded motion to approve
  • No opposition, motioned passed

Unfinished business – none

New Business :

  • From now on we will just post the Standards on hold on the website and just point everyone there on consensus body vote at this time to work on the technical section of the draft. These include:
    • BSR/RCST1.1:202x Systemization of Notifications Regarding Dental Patient Recall (DPR). 
    • DSI ERST1.1:202X The Dental Practice Medical Emergency Kit Design, Contents and Location 
    • DSI TDST1.1-202X The Usage of Teledentistry For Remote Prediagnostic Dental Care, drafts still under development-not ready for BSR submission for public review.
    • ANSI/DSI DCNST1.2:2021 workgroup still in development for  technical elements. Please email if interested in participating in the working group.
    • DSI ODINST1.1:202X – Working Group 11.9 created with the ADA SCDI. Meets every other Tuesday
  • DSI EEDRA1.1:202x Equitable Electronic Dental Record Access (EEDRA) For Dental Patients. We are building workgroups currently for this standard.  Please let me know (or email if you would like to participate.  These workgroups will meet outside of our DSIDC meetings, and once we have our members we will work to find a time that works for as many members as possible.
  • DSI PAIID1.1-202X The Prudent Adjudication Reporting in Dentistry – waiting on examples for the WG to review. My goal is to have a draft by the next DSIDC meeting to have everyone who is interested can review and then submit to for approval
  • DSI PAIID2.1-202X The Calibration of Adjudication Techniques in Dentistry. Working groups have been formed and are meeting monthly. This is in progress.
  • ANSI Final Audit has been conducted. There needed to be some changes to the DSI Procedure Manual. Changes will be outlined and sent to DSIDC to review and approve. Nothing substantive, more clarifications within the Standard Development process when it comes to procedural elements like appeals. If you would like a copy of the edited document, please let me know and we can get it to you once it has been approved by ANSI.
  • Next DSIDC meeting is scheduled for Thursday February 9th at 8:00 CST

Floor was open to discussion, but no further new business was brought up.

Adjournment – 

  • Bryan motioned to adjourn the meeting
  • Dave seconded the motion to adjourn
  • No opposition, motioned passed
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:12am CST
  • Meeting minutes taken by Megan Hennen