DSI RCST1.1 Comments

Systemization of Notifications Regarding Dental Patient Recall (DPR)

COMMENT IN ADA LETTER TO DSI 4.26.20: This new proposed standard jeopardizes the dentist’s current ability to provide consistent quality patient care for recalls over time, exercise appropriate clinical judgment, and interferes unnecessarily with an already highly developed and continuously evolving clinical decision support tool that has been used successfully for delivery of quality care for over 30 years.

The ADA SCDI considers this a professional and business determination, not a technical matter for SDOs. Most standards-based EHRs enable users to build a comprehensive set of notification templates that can be used to create message content such as patient recall notifications. This allows dental offices to determine how they want their messages to appear each and every time they send one out. 

RESPONSE: DSI has a different perspective on this issue that is stated in the Standard draft.