DSI ERST1.1 Comments

The Dental Practice Medical Emergency Kit

COMMENT IN ADA LETTER TO DSI 4.26.20: The goal of this proposed standard is to define the most likely medical emergencies within a dental practice based on procedures performed in that office and define a system to address them effectively. This goal is very problematic due to the wide variety of practice settings that can vary from single-dentist, freestanding offices, to complex dental practices in large institutional settings that include practice in the operating room. Provider qualifications, patient needs, and presenting medical conditions also vary widely among dental practice settings. 

In addition, this proposed new standard would include materials as well as clinical practice guidelines that are set by professional organizations and that vary due to differing requirements of state statutes, state board of dentistry regulations, federal law, and institutional regulations. A single standardized homogeneous approach to dental practice emergency kits is neither possible nor desirable. Best practices given the multidisciplinary nature of this subject is an appropriate discussion to be shared but creating a standard within the dental profession is inappropriate.

RESPONSE: DSI has a different perspective on this issue that is stated in the Standard draft.  This Standard draft will seek to allow for the variations that concerns you. 

If these are truly the concerns that the ADA SCDI has, DSI would request that the SCDI wait to see the draft to see if the Standard draft has these issues and we will work in harmony to address them.