DSI VRST1.1 Comments

Usage of Therapeutic Virtual Reality for Anxiety Reduction In Healthcare

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COMMENT IN ADA LETTER TO DSI 4.26.20: This proposed standard deals with device technology, clinical usage, and infection control protocols for these devices. We are not aware of widespread use of TVR devices in clinical dentistry for relief of anxiety during treatment and we are concerned that there are limited clinical systems and interested parties to form a balanced consensus body on this issue. 

RESPONSE: DSI has a different perspective on this issue that is stated in the Standard draft, as well as the general idea of needing to have “widespread use” of a technology prior to developing Standards to align the industry and protect patients

The lack of Standardization in dental technologies by the existing SDO’s have led to significant issues in public health and damage to the profession.  DSI understands that technology and innovation may not be the primary core competency of other SDO’s.  This, however, is an area where DSI excels.  

In short, DSI wishes to get ahead of problems that can occur regarding innovation in dentistry.  Many times the only way to avoid problems with the application of technology in dentistry is to get ahead of them and create Standards.  That is one reason why DSI exists.